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Long Form Snooker

What's all this?

Somewhere between a blog and the ramblings of a madman on the topic of snooker. As the name suggests, this is for people who want a slightly longer read. If you want quick, pithy stuff, there's plenty of people better than me at that.

All essays of 2-3,000 words on various topics around the wonderful world of the green baize. Best read on the bog. And if you can't be arsed, there's a TL;DR at the bottom anyway. All feedback gratefully appreciated...

Reflecting on the 2024 World Championships 

The BBC and Snooker - 2024 World Championship in review

The Commentators' Curse

The Future of the Crucible

All work © Roger Payne 2024

You may also be wondering why this is on a website with "funerals" in its name. I have a full-time job with my own website and it was easier to just host this here while I work out whether anyone wants to read my length and inane drivel. But if you're feeling peaky...

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