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Direct Cremation

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is usually a completely unattended cremation. They are becoming slightly more popular due to cost savings available compared to a more traditional funeral

Can we still use your services for a Direct Cremation?

At the actual crematorium, usually no. Even you will not be allowed in the crematorium.

HOWEVER many people still want to celebrate someone's life even if they have expressed wishes for a Direct Cremation...  and I can certainly help with that

What are the options?

You can celebrate someone's life literally anywhere you like. I have done such services in pubs, hotels, function rooms, Working Men's Clubs etc.


My approach is largely the same - we still meet and put together a tribute about your loved one just as I would for a funeral, but I simply speak at your chosen venue rather than on a lectern in a crematorium.

Unlike a traditional funeral there is no time limit and you can have a beer in your hand while you remember your loved one!

Do you charge extra?

Usually not - although it depends on what you want. 

For 30 minutes of talking about someone in a pub, I would charge normal fee. If you want a full afternoon with numerous contributions then I may charge slightly more for the additional time.

Depending on workload at the time I may charge extra for weekend days, but I don't have an official policy. I can usually be persuaded down to my normal fee by the offer of a free pint!

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